A little older….a little change

Hello friends and family!! Well I turned the big 2-4 yesterday! I remember so well turning 23 last year on the Isle of Mull, its kinda weird how fast the whole year has gone! I had a nice birthday, my lovely mother got me my three favourite things…wine, chips, and a cake full of frosting!! What more could a girl want ?!

There have been LOTS of changes the last few weeks for me here. Again I think I am going to just throw out the word “plan” from my vocabulary…Seriously every time I think I have a solid plan, it changes!

So as many of you know I came home to see family and friends, but also to work at a vineyard. I was very fortunate to get a position at one which I gladly excepted way back in the beginning of May now. Well things have taken a big change there. Because the vineyard faculty is still being built we obviously could not open in the time frame we were originally given. I did start training about three weeks ago, but again I know its nobodies fault but we still weren’t given an opening date. I grew really anxious, and angry almost and I was really really starting to get down on myself. I mean I lost almost a month of employment I thought I would have originally, I did get some odd hours working for some family members…but in reality I wanted to get things going. So one night my dad just came over to me and said, ” Don’t get down on yourself, get determined.” So with this thought circling around in my head my mom told me literally the day I came home and said to them how frustrated I really was and didn’t know what to do, that her favourite distillery was hiring. So my dad went in first, as I was working that day, and asked about the position. I liked what I heard from him and went in the next day, it was lovely. The owners of the distillery were so friendly, it almost blew my mind how nice they were! And they offered me a position. I felt in a much better spot that Friday than I had two days prior. I still felt very torn though, I knew in my heart I wanted to work at a vineyard, and I really did want to wait, but ultimately I sat down and thought to myself ok what do I want right now in this moment, and my answer was…STABILITY. I called up the next day, with a rotten cold mind you, and decided to join their team! I started last Wednesday and its been really really fun working there! I was really nervous about explaining to people the different products we sell, because honestly I really don’t know a lot about liqueurs or spirits, but I’ve only worked for five days now and I feel like I’ve learned WAY more than I thought I could in such a short period of time!

I think that my dream of working at a vineyard isn’t over, I know one day I will work at one. Just because I’m not now doesn’t mean I never will, but I wanted to work, make money, know what I was doing….it just made sense. Sure I could have waited for the vineyard to open, and I’m sure I could of had a great season once they opened, but for me I am a anxious person, even though I do things that definitely make me super anxious, part of the reason for coming home this length of time was to get some stability…know where I was going the next few weeks, or months. I wish all the best to the vineyard, and I am really looking forward to when they do open because I’ll be in for a visit!

As for right now, I hope I can get some more people visiting me at the local distillery I now work at in Port Williams. I might not be ready just yet to give a full blown tour, but I bet I can get people thinking and perhaps even trying some of our products! (They’re actually REALLY good)

I have started to calm down a bit since the hype of the last two months really. I find writing in this blog to be one of the most relaxing things to do, its great to put it out in words how I have been feeling and whatnot. I won’t lie I wasn’t exactly laying in the sun on a beach since coming home, I’ve had a lot of good times do not get me wrong, but with all the job stuff thats been happening and just not knowing…it has been hard to “settle in.”

I hope now to settle in a bit more, enjoy the nice weather, and have some nice beach days! Thanks to everyone again who wished me a happy birthday, 23 was a crazy crazy year…I counted that I was in 11 countries for my 23rd year of life. I don’t want to say I’ll be in more for my 24th, but hey who knows!

Cheers everyone, and thanks for reading!



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