Stress….or boredom ?

Well, it has been quite some time since my last post, but I have wanted to write for some time now. So I have been home, literally in this house for the last 7 weeks almost. I think I’ve mentioned before how plans really never seem to workout, but do in some other way….well thats been what I’ve been having to tell myself the last few weeks!

As I mentioned before I was very fortunate to get a job working at a local vineyard here in the Valley, the newest one to open thus far. Originally when I got the job I thought we would be starting the last week of May. That didn’t happen, but that was fine having an extra week to get rested up would work just fine for me! Well now here we are, June 21st and the building still is not ready to open. I bet there is more frustration for the family of the vineyard considering how much money they’ve put into it, but I was also a bit frustrated to not have opened yet….but the great news is we just started our training this week…woohooo!

As a person who is a frequent wine drinker over the past two or so years I shockingly know little about wine. We only just started training yesterday and OH MY GOD the amount of knowledge there is to know is crazy! Not only is this job about wine, its about the whole farm in general! It is really interesting how it all functions. First and foremost we do not want to be titled just as a “vineyard” but as a farm as a whole. The vineyard I’m working for is practicing in Organic, and Biodynamic practices. We just had our first lesson today with both the practices and how we use them at the farm, particularly with the biodynamic side of it…its not something I’m familiar with at all, and its interesting to say the least. I don’t want to get too into it, as I’m hoping some folks around the area might come in to say hi when the shop is open and then I can give my best ( though not expert) introduction to what exactly it is. There is lots to learn, and just after two days my head is already spinning with different terms and practices!

So enough about that, although I am REALLY excited to finally start my new adventure! The last few weeks have been a bit boring, although with some fun in them too. I feel I’m learning how to interact with people again in training, because right now in the house, for the most part, all my other family members are out working, or in classes. Basically I’ve just been biking, walking, cuddling with our cat Jack and skyping my boyfriend….exciting eh ?!? OH I almost forgot I am also doing a belly dance class on Monday nights…I totally suck at it, but hey its something new, why not ?! I have to admit, I’m actually really enjoying it, its nice to do something completely different.

I’m really happy to finally get things rolling with the job, and now that the weather is steadily in the 20s its safe to say a REAL summer is here. Although my wine knowledge and experience is shockingly low, I hope to develop in the next few months and see where this takes me. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and also to see some friends! I think things are finally going to start settling out soon…its all about finding a balance as my mom says.

Anyways, just some notes on what I’ve been doing since coming home almost 7 weeks ago now….god has it really been that long ?! Seems like yesterday I just arrived in London….slow down time!

Cheers everyone!



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