Home again home again….

Well it has been awhile! I would say sorry for not posting for such a long time, but if I’m honest I can’t really do that. I did it intentionally, I assume (hope) my little sister Gillian reads my blog, and the truth is I had decided three months ago to surprise her for her birthday. Now could I have written a blog with out having to mention dates and whatnot? Sure! But I’m happy I’ve waited because I have lots to write about.

My last few weeks in Europe were spent between England and Sweden (shocking I know). I made two visits to Sweden in the last few weeks I was there. I even made a 7 mile walk to Windsor castle and caught up with some friends.

It does not surprise me any longer how fast time goes by, but I do have to admit…it is crazy that I spent 11 months constantly moving from place to place…since coming home almost two weeks ago, I have been nothing but tired. I think its time to finally take a breath of fresh air, put my feet up, and drink some wine.

My life in Europe is far from over, like someone told my mom the other day, I have Europe in my blood. So I will be back! When or where to, I could not tell you. My 11 months away from home taught me a lot about what exactly I was capable of doing. I surprised myself with just the fact that I never had to ask my parents for money this year, I lived on my way. I also learned to tell when I’m not ok, and when to get help for those feelings. I learned to cry again, I feel like I’ve opened a portal where I could even cry at the smallest thing now. I learned a lot, so even though this year was different than expected, and somehow things went pretty much opposite to what I thought might happen, I’ve seen most of the UK, and surprisingly more of Sweden than I could have imagined a year ago.

So since coming home to Canada, I’ve been busy. I am super happy to report I was selected to work at one of the newest vineyards opening in my area. I am really excited to get started at that position, but have to admit I am happy to have a few weeks to get myself rested up and ready to go!

I spent my past weekend at my alma mater, Mount Allison University to see my brother graduate. I have to admit I felt nervous driving up to the place I spent the past 4 years at, and for the past year having felt like it left a big scar in my mind. I didn’t feel nervous about seeing old friends or whatnot, but just realizing holy shit I did that…I graduated from this school and survived. I felt so proud of myself. It was good to see friends I hadn’t in a year, but realized also that, “wow I have been gone for a year.” I missed a lot, but I wouldn’t give up what I’ve accomplished this past year for anything else.

I’m hoping to keep up the blog posts now that there is no more secrets to hide from my sister! I’m really looking forward to this summer, and hopefully having some real heat, since last summer I was up on an island in northern Scotland where the hottest day we had was 20 degrees (sad times I know). I’m really really excited about my job though, I hope this could be the start of a great summer and some great times ahead!

Until the next post!

Cheers from Canada!



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