Just life

You know what, I don’t actually have a theme I want to write about…because I want to write about everything.

I am getting closer and closer to my trip back to my native homeland of Canada, only a few more weeks away. This brings me more excitement and happiness than I can really tell anyone; surprisingly it has also brought on some nerves, uncertainties and questions about my life and me. I think right from the first day I left home I missed it, I think in a lot of ways I compare my time here too much to the time I had in Switzerland. When I went to Switzerland it basically felt like a three year count down to get out of my home into Europe, like I said before I hated high school and as soon as I began I was ready to get out. Europe was always like the shining star, the place I felt I belonged in. Switzerland still has to be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen, but it wasn’t my country. I compare a lot of how I felt then with how I thought I would have felt now. I have lived a totally different life than I did in Switzerland compared to the UK, and rightfully so too. I’m not a student, or 18 anymore, I’m almost a one year graduate of Mount Allison University, and am turning 24 in a few months.

I don’t think there was ever one specific time that I felt wow I am going to go home now because I’m so frustrated, like I had in Switzerland. I think living in a country where English is the main language was a major plus for me. To be fair, before even going to Switzerland I had taken maybe one or two lessons in German and never really thought about how hard it actually is to learn a new language. To live in a country like Switzerland and go with that kind of an attitude, definitely not easy.

But back to what I’m trying to get at here, I’ve been looking forward to my visit home for months now. And now that that date is starting to get all the more closer, and realizing I need to get my stuff sorted is bringing up some more questions for me. I think I’ve mentioned in other posts my boyfriend is from Sweden, well I just got back from a lovely weekend again visiting him this past one, and am going again next Thursday for Easter. You would think that this makes it so much easier in a way knowing that we’ll see each other just the next week, nope…. I cried…again. I look at it as a good thing I have to admit, if I didn’t feel so sad to say goodbye, then what’s the point of saying hello the next time?

Obviously being in a relationship with someone who isn’t Canadian, or even a UK citizen hasn’t been easy, but it has been a lot of fun to be honest (Thanks to modern day technology we are able to facetime and message each other daily!). And it kind of just flows, I don’t really want to talk too much about this, as its more of a personal aspect of my life, but it is scary, and exciting to be dating someone who isn’t from your home country.

I am so excited to go home, I just really don’t know what’s next. I have so many different ideas, goals; things I would like to do and see. I best listen to what my dad says and again “not get the cart too far ahead of the horse.”

Canada, I look forward to being in you again and see what craziness I can get up to. I look forward so much to hugging my family and friends again and to go for long walks and bike rides where I won’t bump into anyone to have some peace and quiet.

But for now, lets just go with the flow.




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