M-O-N-E-Y!!! The five letter word that seems to be running my life hard at the moment. I have been motivated to write this post out of frustration with myself, my bank, and the universe.

So I think I mentioned in a post beforehand that I lost my bank card in Sweden just about two weeks ago? Well it was a hassle and a struggle to actually get it back. Hm well, I did and then my pin for it came today so I went for a nice jog on a nice day and then decided to go and give it a try, as I’ve really missed my bank card. I put it in a machine and then bam, machine claims its a lost or stolen card and eats it. My head exploded. I went to the store manager who said they couldn’t do anything about it, she did not listen to a word I said, mind you, so it is hard to say if she grasped what the hell I was trying to tell her. I came back to my place, tears in my eyes, called my bank and now I am again on the waiting end on getting another new card. I am so upset!! So I went to another bank and am opening up a different account and am just going to switch my money over to that because, quite frankly, I have had enough. Its been almost three weeks with no bank card, quite the challenge to say the least.

This has to be one of those things I look back at and shake my head for two reasons. One, obviously, losing my card in the first place, and two for opening a bank account that is the smallest bank branch in Scotland. To be fair to myself, when I was living and working on the Isle of Mull I had only one choice for banks as there is only one on the island. I think my ranting is almost over…phew.

But more to the point, this five letter word controls everyones life, and it should to an extent. I personally still have a little bit of student loan to pay off, but about a million trips I want to plan, shoes I would love to buy, food I would love to eat, but the reality of living on this low budget means I can not get to do everything I want. This “growing up” and being all “independent” thing is starting to feel a lot tougher than I first thought last summer. The two times I have lived abroad before I have to admit now, without the financial help from my parents, would not have been possible (thank you mom and dad!!). Not to say I did not add any money from my own purse, I have been working since I was 14 years old. But this time here in the UK, god what an experience. It is times like these when I need to eat some chocolate, drink some water (wine) and sit down and make a… BUDGET!!

I don’t think I’ll be buying those new shoes I want, because I will always choose to get a plane ticket instead….if I am ever able to access my money…arghhh.

Just some thoughts…RANTS…for today.



PS. I put wine as the main picture, because you know what? Wine makes me really, really happy. (Plus I am whining aren’t I πŸ˜‰ ?)


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