London baby!

Well, almost two full weeks in this huge city and WOW, it truly is huge. I got to London two weeks ago from this upcoming Tuesday night, it was a bit stressful getting from Gatwick to Fulham, but I made it in and it worked out for the most part. I got into bed at around 1 am that night and then started my new au pairing job @ 7.30 the next morning, phew! I cannot complain about any of that though, its been lovely so far! The family I am staying with for the next ten weeks are just lovely, it is nice to have a real au pairing job, I did one in Edinburg that did not feel exactly like being an au pair at all…I’ll spare the details on that one.

Leaving Sweden sucked as much as I expected it to, but it also felt good to move on to something new. I felt very lucky to have spent six weeks just doing nothing but relax! I am going to Sweden next Friday for the weekend, but even though I knew that at the time when I left I still could not stop the tears…*sigh*.

Anyways living in London has been anything but boring. There is so much to do here, and I have to admit I am kinda terrified. I have been to London twice before, but have never lived here, nor a city with this many people. I think the most stressful part of the job is just getting one of the kids I babysit to school in the mornings, holy rush hour!! So many people walking to and from the tube station, I live about thirty seconds from one. And needless to say with so many people in a rush they do not tend to enjoy slow children taking up there way…always makes it an interesting morning rush.

I have not been up to a whole lot here in London, just been meeting with some friends and so fourth. I have been having some difficulties with my bank card, since I lost it in Sweden. I am hoping to get it back next week so at least I can buy stuff with it, perhaps its good I haven’t had it the past two weeks…it has saved me some money I suppose!

As for this area, it is nice, just jammed pack with everything you can imagine. Its funny how I started my life in the UK up on an island in Northern Scotland with a population of about ten people to living here in London. Its a lot to take in. I did conquer one of my fears yesterday and ran in public to the park where I continued my jog….I have always hated running where people can see me, I prefer the countryside where you can run and only the animals and trees can watch.

I wish I had more fun things to talk about, but I work three 12-13 hour days and then spend my free time walking around and seeing all there is to see!! Hopefully my next blog post will be a bit more entertaining!

Until next time!

Cheers from London, England!



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