Onwards I go…

I cannot believe that six weeks in Sweden went by so fast, or better yet eight weeks since I last “worked”. I remember being a kid and pretty much just counting down the minutes until I could grow up and either get a cellphone, move out and travel, or have my own house and family….now I’m just thinking god please could time just slow down for one minute!!!

This whole journey in Europe has taught me a lot and been quite an experience. I just can’t believe how fast it is going. Some people might be wondering what have I been doing in Sweden…well quite simple…I slept… A LOT. Like most travellers know, travelling isn’t always so much fun and exciting. After I finished my job in Edinburgh in December, I went to my friends in Glasgow for a lovely Christmas with her and her family…they are such great people. From there I decided to go to Aberdeen for a few days to basically just say, hey I was there. I decided to play it on the edge this time and be a true traveller and did couch surfing…my god what a mistake. Do not get me wrong, the people I stayed with were so lovely, and cultured. We had dinners together and shared some wine. Its jut the sleep….ohhh the sleep, it did not happen for me. I could not get cozy for the three nights I slept there on the couch and then the floor. Just to give people a taste of how stressed I can be, I called my parents in Canada that night at 3 am crying because I hadn’t slept for three days ( SORRY MOM AND DAD <3) thankfully my sister Gillian would listen to my bullshit and managed to get me calm…needless to say I don’t plan on doing couch surfing again. It should also be noteworthy to add Aberdeen is a nice place, for maybe like 2-4 hours. I don’t know what I was thinking spending three whole days there, I was done with everything I wanted to see the first day I was there. I think the best thing I did was buy a pair of overalls when I was there!

After I left Aberdeen I went to Edinburgh for 2 hours to catch my hair appointment I had booked months earlier on some sort of online deal for a cheap price. I decided to get my upper lip waxed as well…. it was great the woman who did it was a complete moron and pretty much ripped the skin off my upper lip and then put rubbing alcohol on my freshly waxed lip….why ?!?! From there I was finally at my friends place in Stirling and it was sooooo relaxing. I had some wine and some food as soon as I got in and actually got to sleep in a real bed, life was friggin good then. My friend Brandon, who is living in France at the moment, came up to Stirling the next evening… after some train struggles. It was great to have everyone there for our Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh ( New Years!) It was seriously the best weekend, other than my face being super red from my bad waxing experience…thank you to the pharmacy who gave me some pills to fix it!

After that week I was back to Glasgow to grab my stuff from my friends place and say goodbye to her and her awesome family, from there I took a bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh, a train from Edinburgh to London, two trains in London to get to the South of London in East Croydon. Phew what a day that was. I’m lucky I finally listened to my parents for once and just spent the whole next day in bed watching some movies and just chilling. That night I had to make my way to Gatwick airport to meet a very special traveller who was meeting me in London, my boyfriend!! It was so nice to hug him again, I think we hadn’t seen each other for 5-6 weeks at this time? Anyways we spent 5 days in London together, and one day in Brighton (sorry for the train and bus rides S!!) It was fun, other than the weather. After that we came back to Sweden and I have been here since.

I have had a lovely time and am very grateful for everyone I have met along the way. I feel like I pick something up from each experience. Like the theme of this past year seems to be going on, I am off again tomorrow night on another adventure. I’ll be flying into London Gatwick and am going to attempt to get myself to Fulham where I’ll be settled for the next 10 weeks doing some au pairing for a family. I guess if I had some goals to myself it would be to try and stay in one spot for more then 10 weeks. Seriously I think the longest time I spent so far this year was on the Isle of Mull where I had to stay for 9 full weeks…whatttt. New challenge for myself, lets see if I can actually stay in one solid location for 4-5 months…and so it begins.

Until the next post! Cheers Sweden…though I plan to come back in two weeks time šŸ˜›



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