Where have I been?

To get this blog really started I should probably start by telling people what exactly I have been up to the last few years . As I mentioned before I was on exchange in Switzerland for a year, during my time there it changed my life. In a lot of ways Switzerland saved me I believed for the longest time, I’ll probably go more into that in a different post. I did not see as much as I wanted to of Europe that year, although I did get to see all of Switzerland and I even got to go to India for almost three weeks…quite an experience to say the least.

After I got back from a year abroad I enrolled at university where I spent my time “growing up” in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. I also got to go an a one semester exchange to Statesboro, Georgia, USA…I’ll talk more about this in a later post as well!

But for the now….I have been living in the “UK” since last June. I say “UK” because I spend a lot of time not in the United Kingdom! For instance the last six weeks I have been in Sweden just relaxing at my boyfriends place, yay for me and relaxation! I’ll be heading back to the UK next week though, to begin a 10 week job in London. Very nervous and exciting times ahead!

I started my adventures in the UK with landing in London last June. I then when on to spend some time at a friends place outside of London before heading up to meet another friend in Edinburgh, onwards to Glasgow and then to work on the Isle of Arran. Life throws some weird shit at you sometimes, but this was the very first weird one I got thrown at me. I expected to be in Arran until November at least, if not longer working at the restaurant there. I was there for two weeks in total before leaving with all my stuff and making the very long journey up to Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull where I did end up spending nine lovely weeks working at a cafe, self-catering, art gallery spot. Very lovely, and funny how that worked out. There was nothing wrong with Arran at all, actually I still think it was one of the most beautiful spots I have seen in my life, but it did not feel right for me. I can remember waking up most mornings crying because I missed home, something I guess I would not experience for a while. Turns out being a waitress is hard, but understanding those Scottish accents was even harder! In retrospect I see two different realities I could have lived, the one I got, and the one I might have had. Even though I have had a lot not so happy moments, or thoughts, these last few months, I am truly happy I got to go to Mull and work there. I was seriously on the top of the world, and got to meet some cool people! Its all about perspective and I am glad I have to chance to be in Sweden now to see it all better. Plus the money I made on Mull could not be argued with, I have just about run out of the money now! But with it I decided to go backpacking for a month to France, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy before heading back to Scotland where I travelled a little more before settling in an 11 week job as an au pair in Edinburgh.

For now that is enough, I could go into so much more detail with any one of those life adventures, but for now here is just a taste.

Until later!



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